Solid day

A nice move of 1.9% today. Particularly pleasant given that the NBI was down 0.4%. The move was driven by a great CPRX performance. It closed up 6.4%. I am now up 44% in this position. I was tempted to unload some today but it looks like it might keep on going so I will hold for a while longer.

At present I am 46% cash, 31% CPRX, 14% VTUS and 9% APPY.


Two new positions

This afternoon I have added a couple of stocks to the mix. I bought a position in VTUS an $2.62 and a position in CPRX at $2.32.

APPY fell sharply today after a nice run from $1.42 to $1.77 in the last week. My portfolio was also down – time for a bit of a rest after 8 consecutive up days.