17 thoughts on “Position summary

  1. I am fairly new to trading/investing, and was happy to find your site. There are some interesting sources of biotech trading available but your personal blog looks very interesting and I look forward to following. Thanks for putting this together.

    David Wilson

    • Thanks for the comment David. There’s certainly lots of biotech content out there so I appreciate you taking the time to visit BL.

      • Looking forward to your comments on trading opportunities around ad comm dates should you decide to post them. I just read through all your posts, very interesting for a new trader such as myself to see how things developed.

        David Wilson

  2. NC,
    Joined you in HZNP this morning at $4.63.
    If you held ARNA, would you sell ~6-26-12 or ASAP after PDUFA decision or continue to hold it after decision? Thanks.

  3. BL,
    I am holding EXEL through the decision, hoping to immediately sell in the $6-$7 range.

    Wow! HUGE position in ACAD, to make $112,510. I thought I did great when I sold my 20,000 shares today, but you beat me!

  4. BL,
    Should have followed your lead and sold EXEL prior to the decision.
    Got out first thing this morning with a profit but saw a lot of my profit evaporate.

    Joined you in PATH this morning. Also holding ALXA, CLSN, and SGYP.

  5. BL,
    Welcome back, again!
    Did very well with Path, in at $3.04, out at $3.56 with 20K shares.
    Currently with a large position in DARA, in at $0.79.
    Have passed on RPTP and NAVB, continuing to ponder DCTH and DEPO.
    Thank you again for this blog. Greatly appreciate you sharing your rationale behind your positions.
    LOVE the new header and the Liston story!

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