Off loading

I have sold the remainder of my APPY (at $1.82) and VTUS (at $3.03). Also sold half of my CPRX (at $3.24). CPRX started off looking like it was going to have a huge day but was dragged down with everything else. I will hold on to the remaining half of the CPRX shares and will probably stay in cash for a while. While one major party in the US is threatening to default unless they can reverse the results of the 2012 elections, cash is probably the best place to be.

Solid day

A nice move of 1.9% today. Particularly pleasant given that the NBI was down 0.4%. The move was driven by a great CPRX performance. It closed up 6.4%. I am now up 44% in this position. I was tempted to unload some today but it looks like it might keep on going so I will hold for a while longer.

At present I am 46% cash, 31% CPRX, 14% VTUS and 9% APPY.