Down to one position

ZLCS popped this morning in the pre-market. I think it got as high as $0.98. I decided to take advantage of the strength and got out just after the open at $0.91. I had been in this one since August 8th when I bought it at $0.71. It was a rough ride as it dropped as low as $0.56 the following week. I was very happy to be able to exit up 28% on the position.

Yesterday I dropped my position in IPCI. I sold it at $1.91 for a 9% loss. I was wary of this from the start – and took a smaller position than I usually do. Once in it, I found that I did not really feel like hanging on to see if it could regain its recent highs.

APPY had a nice move today closing at $1.56. In late July it broke $1.60 but fell back quickly. I am up 22% on this one and hoping for a bit more. Just greedy I suppose. APPY is developing a diagnostic blood test that will help to assess children presenting with abdominal pain – specifically it will aid in ruling out a diagnosis of appendicitis. Very small market cap with an expectation of further data from their pivotal trial over the coming months.




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