Wow – afternoons are becoming my least favourite part of the day! When I posted 50 minutes ago the portfolio was down about 2%. Here we are at 4pm and it is closing down ~4.1%. Feeling the impact of being 50% leveraged on a down day

3rd worst day since starting to record results on this site. Worst day since September 26th, 2012 when PATH dropped 26% on the announcement of a private placement and the portfolio fell by 6.8%.

NBI and NASDAQ are also closing poorly today.

Everything here at BL is red today. It is interesting to note, however,  that all of these stocks were strongly positive at one stage during the day:

Change based on today’s close Change based on today’s high
DEPO -1.46% 2.64%
DCTH -3.80% 0.00%
NAVB -4.19% 0.97%
DARA -6.09% 1.74%
TSRX -0.36% 2.92%
KERX -0.74% 3.10%



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