Long delayed update

Today is November 27th, 365 days since my first post on this blog. After a promising initial 8 months I am afraid that my posting discipline really dropped off over the summer. Apologies to my regular readers who have been checking back frequently to read updates – and leaving disappointed. Actually, I suppose that would just be my Mother!  The fall off on posting was due to a variety of reasons – not least of which was that I worked on a consulting project for some time over the summer. This became quite involved and totally threw my rhythm off.

Given that tomorrow is the start of year 2 for this blog I will make a New Year’s resolution to return to my old posting ways and try to be a bit more regular.

In addition to slowing down on posting, I also slowed down on trading over the last few months. So updating on what has been going on since I last posted should not be too taxing. I may spread the update out over a few posts but there is one update which is certainly worth commenting on – given that the stock is the big mover of the day…


So I opened my position in ACAD some time back (June 27th) at $1.56. At the time I was hoping for some movement ahead of the announcement of Phase 3 data from a pivotal trial. I had a position on this back in 2009 when the data disappointed and the stock got crushed. This time it seemed like the trial had really been designed in a way that was very likely to succeed. And today succeed it did. I held my position when the stock touched $3 in early October and watched as it plummeted back through the $2s. Given the high probability of success I decided to hold through the data release. This is not something that I generally do but on this occasion it worked out very well. I sold for $6.15 right at the open. It reached $7.45 in the pre-market but was not able to sustain tat strength in regular trading. This really has given a huge boost to the portfolio’s performance. Up ~40% today just based on that trade.

The chart is in no way helpful now – but it’s nice to look at.




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