Quick update

Trimmed the portfolio back a bit today. I sold my remaining puts in AMRN and HZNP for $305 and $200 per contract respectively. They both could certainly go a bit further (particularly AMRN I think) but I won’t be around to watch them closely tomorrow and I am happy enough with the 2-day return.

I stopped out of NAVB at $4.01 for a final return of 32% on the position.

So left with just IRWD and ACAD. Neither have done terribly well recently. I thought IRWD would show a bit more enthusiasm coming up to the PDUFA. Perhaps the slew of PDUFAs in July has distracted people, or maybe the market is just not all that excited about IRWD’s prospects. I have a 10% stop on the position from an entry price of $13.56.