Couple of things

I am out of PGNX. Sold what was left of my original position yesterday at the open – negative news and poor general market sentiment convinced me to exit. I will probably get into this again ahead of the now delayed PDUFA.I am now all cash and sitting on my hands until I find something compelling.

I have an article at SeekingAlpha outlining some data on the performance of the recent selling approvals (AFFY, VVUS and PLX). This is a follow-on to an earlier review of this strategy starting in January 2011.




2 thoughts on “Couple of things

    • I think it will be approved in June. I also think that it may be too late for me to get in – so I will not be a buyer unless there is a pull back. If I owned it I would be inclined to sell close to the open, assuming a significant gap up. When/if it is approved I will certainly be looking at a 2 to 5 day short/put position.

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