End of the quarter

The binaryleverage portfolio ended Q1 on a strong note closing up 2.5% on yesterday’s close. This was primarily due to a strong move by HZNP which looks like it might be getting ready to run ahead of its PDUFA date. I am now up 21% in HZNP. I thought about taking some profits today but decided to wait until next week to see if it can keep the momentum going. Volume was significantly increased – the stock usually trades very thinly with an average volume of 60K. Today more than 800K shares were traded.









AFFY continued its descent. I closed the position yesterday but I certainly left some money on the table. I sold my puts yesterday for $115 per contract. Today they traded as high as $160 per contract. 









It has now been 4 months since I started keeping track of this portfolio on this site. In that time we are up ~55% as of today. In the same time-frame the NASDAQ is up 22% while the NBI is up 24%. The annualized Sharpe ratio of the portfolio stands at 4.4 which compares favourably with both the NASDAQ (3.9) and NBI (3.6).


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