New high for the portfolio

For the 2nd consecutive day the portfolio established a new high. At the close today we are up 45% since we started tracking here on November 28th. The portfolio closed on its largest drawdown (-14.6%) two weeks ago, on March 6th. Since then it is up 14%.

Today’s gains were largely due to AFFY which has had two very strong days. It closed at $12.77, up 8% on yesterday. I am up 16% in AFFY.











3 thoughts on “New high for the portfolio

  1. Another question for you, what program did you use for your portfolio charts? I have a Macbook/Safari Lion. Thanks. We want to track our progress.

    • I use google docs for keeping track of the metrics for this portfolio. Primarily because it is very easy to link to the blog. The googlefinance function is also great and has been useful for me in generating live prices, watch lists and back testing with hirtorical data.

      • Thanks. I have used google docs in the past and will check it out for metrics.

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