Progress update

I started this exercise 3 months ago, on November 28th. In that time I have held positions in 11 securities: SPPI, DSCO (twice), CRIS, ASTX, AMRN, CORT, CHTP (via options), IRWD, PGNX, PLX and HZNP. Four positions are still open.

As of today the portfolio is up 39%. The max return was 42% which was on February 6th. The average daily return on the portfolio was 0.6%. There have been 42 up days and 21 down days. Clearly this has been a strong period for the overall market – since Nov. 28th the NASDAQ is up 18% while the NBI is up 21%.

SPPI recently fell back from its 52 week high of $16 to ~$13. After a few strong days it got knocked back today to $14.13. The company reports Q4/2011 on Thursday.









PGNX broke through $10 late last week but has failed to hold this week. It has good support at $9.30.PDUFA is April 27th.









PLX has yet to close the gap it established after its secondary offering was announced. I bought at $5.60 and the position has been underwater ever since. It is currently trading at ~$5.40. Its PDUFA is May 1st.









HZNP is slow but still looks like it has put in a double bottom. PDUFA is July 26th.


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