~4% gain in model portfolio today

AMRN, CRIS and ASTX all put in solid gains today. AMRN built on yesterday’s momentum to finish up ~9% at $8.39. It has broken through various resistances and hopefully should have some room to run ahead of its July PDUFA date. CRIS also seemed to break out of its recent area of consolidation. Hope to see this put in new 52-week highs in the next few days. I am watching this closely as I have met my initial target. I have raised stops to $4.20 and will consider taking some off the table this week. ASTX closed at $2.20 – same as yesterday’s high. There’s some consolidation in the $2.20-.30 range and the 50 day MA is at $2.35 so this could be a tough area to break through.

DSCO had a bit of a drop late in the day and finished at $2.19. It has had a good run in the last two weeks and may be taking a breather. My stops are at $2.05 on this one. SPPI was slightly down today.


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