Another good day

DSCO made another good move today. High was $2.06 which it touched a few times. As I mentioned yesterday, I am not all that optimistic about the company’s prospects so I decided to lighten my position. I sold 50% at $2.05 for a gain of 27%. I am holding the rest with a stop loss of $1.85. I am pleased with this move – particularly as I was stopped out of DSCO before Christmas and reentered on Dec. 21.

ASTX was trading slightly down for most of the day but put in a late surge to close up 1.5%. Maintaining my position in this for the moment as it approaches my initial target. Seems like an area it could meet some resistance, but I think there is decent potential for some more gains.

SPPI also had a good day and seemed to confirm yesterday’s breakout of its recent range. Closed up 2.4% at 15.87. This is my largest (and oldest) holding. I currently have a $14 stop loss. Expecting some more movement northward as we approach earnings.

CRIS closed at $4.47. Watching this closely. I have a stop loss of $4.00 and will take some off the table if it doesn’t start to move soon.


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