Getting back to it

Quite a hiatus due to some Christmas travel. Lots of movement and excitement despite my absence so I shall try to bring everything up to date with this post.

1) SPPI: On Dec. 8th the FDA announced that a company had filed an abbreviated NDA for a generic version of Fusilev. The stock took a hit on the news – it’s low on the 9th hit $12.85 from a close of $14.58 the previous day.  I thought the news was a bit overblown so decided to maintain my position. The price drifted back up (and put in a new 52 week high on the 19th). Seems to be meeting some resistance at the $15 mark.

2) ASTX: Added a position in ASTX on Dec. 13th. Usual size – it represented 24% of my total on the day I bought it. Added it due to upcoming PDUFA in March on top of a strong balance sheet and lack of attention.

3) DSCO: Was stopped out of this on Dec. 16th Took a small loss. The stock dropped as low as $1.44 before rebounding. I reentered at 1.62 on Dec. 21st.

4) CRIS: This has done quite well over the last week. The company announced the submission of a Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) for vismodegib EMA on Dec. 22nd. The MAA is  under review for the treatment of patients with inoperable basal cell carcinoma. The stock has met my initial target (25%). Given its strength, however,  I have decided to keep the position open and have brought the stop-loss to $4.00.


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