Getting started

I have had this domain name for awhile now so I think that today I shall start posting to it. I will try to keep up some sort of semi regular posting habit – an early 2012 resolution perhaps.

My portfolio currently contains 2 positions. My largest position is in SPPI. I have owned this on and off for a few years now. The current position has been in my account since 2009 and has an average price of $7.30. Today it closed at $14.82. Approximately 41% of my portfolio is in SPPI.

My 2nd position is in DSCO. I started building this position last week and am working with an average purchase price of $1.61 per share. Today it closed at $1.78 for a gain of ~11%. My stop is at break even. If it hits $2 I will consider exiting the position for 25%. 26% of my portfolio is in DSCO.


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